Students’ Corner 學生園地


Students’ Corner shows the products of my students’ playing, in lessons and in performances. Let me remind you that I do not think the videos of my students shown on this website are final products of perfection. As a matter of fact, they are not at all. My reason of posting them here is that these videos show the on-going process of my students’ progress, and in learning music, that is what we do: we try, we learn, we make mistake, we try again and improve, and so on. These videos help them and me to see how much they have improved and how they can improve more in the future. Most importantly, they show my students share the enjoyment of piano playing with me during this learning process.

學生園地展示我的學生們在課堂和音樂會中的表現及演奏。 讓我提醒你,我不認為在本網站顯示的學生錄像是最完美的終極產品。 事實上,他們距離完整甚至是很好相差極之遙遠。 我在這裡發布的理由是,這些影片展示了我的學生們持續進展的過程,而這是我們需要在學習音樂當中做到的:我們嘗試,我們學習,我們犯錯,我們再次嘗試和改進,等等。 這些影片幫助學生和我看到他們的改善有多少,和日後他們如何能進步更多。 最重要的是,這些錄像展示了我的學生們在與我學習的過程中享受到鋼琴演奏的樂趣。

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