Scriabin: Etude Op.8 No.12 in D# Minor


ALEXANDER (Nikolayevich) SCRIABIN (1872-1915) is one of my beloved composers of all time. I have played many of his sonatas, preludes, etudes, and poems (you can find my other recordings of Scriabin’s works on this website: Sonata No.2 and Vers La Flamme). His early works show prominent influence from Chopin’s pianistic quality (allegedly the young Scriabin slept with Chopin’s score under his pillow!), whilst his late matured pieces inherit an individual style many interpret as mysterious and incomprehensible. Other than my fascination of his music, the common ground between Scriabin and I is the immense interest in Nietszche.
亞歷山大(尼古拉)史克里亞賓(1872至1915年)是我一個心愛的作曲家。我彈奏過他的許多奏鳴曲,前奏曲,練習曲,和詩歌(你可以在這個網站找到我彈奏史克里亞賓的作品:第二鋼琴奏鳴曲 and 朝向火焰).。他的早期作品受到簫邦風格很大的影響 (據說年輕的史克里亞賓把簫邦的樂譜放在他的枕頭下睡覺!),而他的後期作品帶有個人神秘和不可理解的風格。我和史克里亞賓之間的共同點是,除了我和他都迷戀其音樂外,我們也一樣對尼釆同樣著迷。

Here is my playing of Scriabin’s Piano Etude Op.8 No.12 in D# Minor:
這裡是我演奏斯克里亞賓的升D小調鋼琴練習曲 (作品編號8,第12首):

Video Version

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