Teresa Wong Plays Teresa Wong’s “Prelude”

[anti-rclick]March 30, 2010.
During the recent music sheet clean-up/treasure hunt, I found out of the blue some pieces I wrote for composition class a decade ago. One of them is entitled “Prelude”, written in a quasi-Chopinesque style. I thought it would be fun to play them and record them: they sound quite nice! Please have a listen.
在最近的一次 樂譜整理及淘寶中,我亦找到幾首多年前學生時代爲作曲班寫的功課。其中一首名為《前奏曲》,帶有一點蕭邦的味道。

Here is the Prelude :

[qt:http://teresawong.dyndns.org:9001/video/Tprelude.m4v 480 360]

This is my manuscript of “Prelude”:

P.S. I have also posted the Chinese version of the article “On Piano Practice”.
另外我亦張貼了 “On Piano Practice” 的中文版本: 鋼琴練習篇《一》

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