Teresa Wong: Happy Birthday Variation《生日變奏曲》

April 3, 2010

Today is my best friend’s birthday. At first I was worried about what to get him as a gift. Then I thought, “Why not some music?” Therefore, other than a “real” gift with a physical visible form, I present here another handmade gift, a little funny song I composed called “Happy Birthday Variation”.

Happy Birthday to my best friend, and all my other dear friends whose birthdays also fall in April!

P.S. Instrumentation (in order of appearance): toy piano, radio noise, thumb piano, grand piano, cello, bassoon, oboe, vibraphone, grand piano, trumpet, drum kit.


今天是我摰友的生曰。最初我在擔憂應該送他怎樣的一件禮物。然後我想:「為何不送音樂呢?」於是,我除了購買一件「真正 」的禮物之外,亦親手做了另一件禮物: 自己寫作的一首短小而有趣的曲子,取名為《生日變奏曲》

我在此恭祝我這位摰友及其他親愛朋友們生曰怏樂吧!Enjoy Your Life!

Teresa Wong

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