Julian Cheng Plays “Minuet in G”

[anti-rclick]Julian is the elder brother of Katherine. Although from the same family, you can find a very different personality in this older boy. As I always say, you can tell about one’s character just from one’s playing, how s/he tackles problems encountered in lessons and performances (that’s why sometimes I feel like I am a psychiatrist!). It does take time to build confidence in a student, and I think Julian is improving in this area!

Julian 是潔盈的哥哥,擁有一個截然不同的性格。像典型 的大哥哥性格, Julian 比較謹慎及有責任感。我和他還需要花多點時間去建立多些自信心,但我相信他已經在不斷進步了!

Let’s watch a video of Julian playing the familiar “Minuet in G”:
請看Julian彈奏 “G大調小步舞曲”:

[qt:http://teresawong.dyndns.org:9001/video/JulianMinuet.m4v 480 360]

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