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Recently I have received a number of emails expressing interest in my teaching and appreciation of my website. Here I would like to show my gratitude towards all of you: enquirers and readers. I sincerely hope that my website with free resources has been helpful to you. I have also accepted some new students who show great passion and potential towards piano playing. For that I am thrilled and excited. I am grateful that you, students and parents, have put your trust in me to teach you and your children. I would strive my best to do even better in my teaching.
最近我收到了大量的電子郵件對我的教學和網站表示興趣及欣賞。在這裡,我對你們, 查詢者和讀者, 表示感謝。我衷心希望我的網站所提供的免費資源對你是有用的。我也錄取了一些對鋼琴演奏顯示熱情和潛力的新學生。我為此感到興奮莫名。我很感謝你,學生和家長,信任我去教導你和你的孩子。我會努力盡我所能做好我的教學工作。

In the coming posts, I would like to share with you some ideas I have learnt from a couple books: one about teaching and the other about learning. The first book affirms my belief in teaching with positive attitude and the second provides useful information in how us as teachers and parents can help with students along their music learning process.

There are so many subjects I would like to write on yet there is limited time to spare. Therefore I encourage you to comment on my posts and suggest any topics you would be interested in learning more about. For any comments and suggestions, please leave them on this website or write to me.

Personally, I have also started to work on my piano method book which should be bilingual and include some multimedia aid. I hope to finish and publish it by the end of next year.

Teresa Wong

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