Julian Cheng

[anti-rclick]Julian has improved much recently. I can see he has put more effort and confidence into his playing after I instill in him a lot of patience and faith. I know he can do it, and he did! Great job, Julian, and keep up the good work!

Julian 最近有很大的改善。當我對他灌輸了很多的耐性和信心時,我亦可以看出他在自己的彈奏技巧上付出更多的努力和信心。我知道及有信心他能做到這一點的。Julian,你做得很好,一定要繼續加油啊!

Latest Update: I have just received Julian’s grade 3 piano exam result, and he did very well – MERIT with 123 marks! The examiner’s comments is also very encouraging: “bright performance”, “lively playing”. Well done, Julian!
最新更新:我剛收到Julian的三級鋼琴考試結果,他的表現非常好 – 優良的一百二十三分!考試官的意見也很鼓舞人心:“明亮的表現”,“生動的演奏”。恭喜Julian!

Video Number One (recorded in May) 短片一 (攝於五月):
Julian plays “Caro Nome” from Rigoletto by Verdi (simplified version)

[qt:http://teresawong.dyndns.org:9001/video/Julian1.m4v 480 360]

Video Number Two (recorded in April) 短片二 (攝於四月):
Julian plays “L’Elephant” by Saint-Saens

[qt:http://teresawong.dyndns.org:9001/video/JulianElephant.m4v 480 360]

Do you see the difference in his attitude towards his playing in these two videos?

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