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[anti-rclick]May 22, 2010

New students require more encouragement and more time to adjust to a new learning environment. After taking in some new students, I would spend more effort to communicate with them, understand where they come from, what kind of characters they have, and deal with their emotional needs. Knowing their learning modules, I am able to use the most efficient methodologies to help them learn in the smoothest, fastest and delightful way.


The following clips show three students with three different characters and learning modules. I hope to see them grow while at the same time progress together!


1. Alexandra Uy-Tioco
2. Joy Chan
3. Jeremy Chan

P.S. For those new students who haven’t had their videos made yet, don’t worry! We will have some very soon. And old students without any videos here, hurry up, I need your work and courage!
P.S. 對於那些還沒有影片的新學生,不用擔心!我們將會很快製造一些新視像。沒有影片的舊同學則要快點加把勁,我需要你的努力和勇氣!

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4. Lok-Yin Chu
5. Julian Cheng
6. Katherine Cheng
7. Grace Chan

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