A Profile of A Young Student: Yan Phu (Grade 5)

[anti-rclick]一個年幼學生的寫照: 符恩 (五級)
April 23, 2010
June 6, 2010 (modified)

Yan Phu started learning from me as a real beginner since September 2006. Now she is 8 and has just taken her grade 5 exam. She is very good with her scales and pieces, and she has improved tremendously in sight-reading recently. During our regular lessons, we not only go through exam materials, but we also learn many solo pieces and four-hands music. I am grateful that Yan’s mum Eunice concerns much with Yan’s piano learning and helps with monitoring her practice closely (although Yan practises on her own). I feel she is now prepared to take a further and bigger step towards her piano playing. Next step? We will learn a bigger repertoire, build a soild technique foundation and work towards preparing for grade 8!

符恩 從2006年9月開始跟我學習,是一個完完全全的初學者。現在她8歲,並會在本月底進行她的五級考試。她的音階和樂曲都彈得很好,而最近她的視譜能力大幅提升。在我們的課堂中,符恩不止學習考試範圍的材料,我亦教導她彈奏很多其他的獨奏樂曲和四手聯彈的音樂作品。我很感謝符恩的母親Eunice很關注女兒的鋼琴學習狀況及進度,並定期留意其練習情況(雖然恩恩是自己自動進行練習的)。我相信符恩現在已準備好為她的鋼琴演奏邁進更大步。

This is Yan’s little profile:
Age of starting piano lessons: 4.5
Years of piano training: 3.5

Exam experience:
Passed Grade 2 exam with distinction (140 marks)
Passed Grade 5 exam with merit (124 marks)

Competition Experience:
2 Competitions (4th places)
Active, Diligent and Self-motivating
Loves playing the piano, swimming and gymnastics

2008: 二級考試獲優異成績 distinction (140 分)
2010: 五級考試獲良好成績 merit (124 分)



Here is the video of her playing Kuhlau’s Sonata in A minor, first movement (Piece A2 of Grade 5 Piano Pieces Syllabus 2009-2010):
以下影片是符恩彈奏庫勞的A小調奏鳴曲,第一樂章(五級鋼琴考試曲目 2009-2010,A2樂曲):

[qt:http://teresawong.dyndns.org:9001/video/YanKuhlau.m4v 480 360]
If you could not view this video, click here to view it on Youtube or download and install QuickTime
如果閣下的電腦不能播放此錄像, 請按此到Youtube觀看,或按此安裝QuickTime

Yan and Me, 2006 at My Old Studio

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