The New Age of Reasoning


Reference Book: 『管教啊,管教』by 汪培珽

It seems ridiculous (particularly to Hong Kong Chinese) to try to talk to the kids and make them understand the reasoning behind a problem. “Why don’t we yell at them already and make them stop?” However, reasoning does work magically, with much patience and effort.

Scenario One
This boy never seemed to listen to me, and it was hard for anyone not to show impatience or annoyance towards him, saying everything in opposite terms and acting up during every lesson. I did what anyone would: ignoring his action, raising my voice (a bit), showing him my authority as a teacher(note: I NEVER said anything like “oh you are so stupid” or negative things as such). These tricks did not work at all. One day, during one such act-up scene in a regular lesson, he turned on the electronic metronome which was set to a super fast tempo, beating like madness that could drive anyone crazy instantly. Instead of getting mad and annoyed immediately, I talked to him in a calm, gentle voice. I asked, “Do you think this is a good behavior?” He replied, “No”. Then I asked agin, “Do you want to keep doing this?” He said, “No, but can I play with it for a short while?” I said, “OK, just for a bit.” I waited with patience (if I had a heart problem I probably would not have waited and have an attack right away). I did not know if how long it would last or it really would work. In this brief moment of doubt (I believe it lasted for not more than 5 seconds, although it felt like forever), miracle happened. The boy put down the metronome and turned it off! And we were back to lesson again. “Wow, this is amazing,” I thought, “reasoning really works.”

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