Students’ Artworks

[anti-rclick]There are so many ways to learn piano and theory. As we think outside the box, we can see creativity in the music we are making. We can draw, write, sing, move our bodily parts and do some seemingly weird exercises to help with piano playing. Choices are tremendous. Moreover, rather than me the teacher writing instructions for the students all the time, I sometimes ask them to write down in their notebooks what they need to work on themselves. It is a much better reminder especially for the younger students when they have to do some thinking about what exactly they have to practise about when writing the instructions. Thus they become more self-responsible for their own practice.

Click on the photos to have a close look at their great works!



Alexandra Uy-Tioco Alexandra’s Drawing of Treble Clefs I: There is an Animal Hiding Among the Clefs! Can You Find IT? (Click on the Photo for a Bigger Picture!) Alexandra’s Drawing of Treble Clefs II
Do You See the Treble Clefs on the Dolls? On the Shoes and the Dresses?

Lok-Yin Chu

Isn’t It A Super Neat Drawing For
A Five-Year-Old!

Walter Chan

Which Elephant Drawing Do You Like Better? Mine on Top or Walter’s at Bottom?
The Drawings were to remind Walter of how Heavy the Steps of Elephants could be, indicated by the Bass Notes on the Left Hand Part in the Song L’Elephant by Saint-Saens! And Heavy Steps mean Slower Tempo!

Joy Chan

You See the Hand Next to the Arrows (indicating the wrist movement)? It’s Joy’s Self-Reminder for Paying Special Attention to Her Wrist Motion During Practice Of the Chords!

Hannah and Grace Chan

Grace’s Self-Reminder for Her Practice Sessions

Hannah’s Lovely Portrait for Her composition, “The Froggy Dance”

Both Sisters also Did a Super Great Job Writing New Theory Exercises on Their Own to Test Each Other!

Grace’s Wonderful Theory Homework For Hannah!

Hannah’s Equally Great Theory Homework For Grace!

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