Interview of My Students 我的學生訪問

[anti-rclick]I am sure you have watched videos of my students’ performance- if not please go to “Categories-Students’ Videos”. Now I think it is time that my students should speak for themselves. Therefore I have made some interesting interviews of my students who are willing to talk about their piano lesson experience.
我相信你看過我學生表現的影片,如果還沒有看過的話請到 「Categories-Students’ Videos 學生視像」溜覽。現在我認為這是學生們親身說話的時候。因此,我找了一些願意談論自己學習鋼琴經驗的學生來作有趣的訪問。

Interview One: Yan Phu
訪問一: 符恩

[qt: 480 360]
Sorry for the strange bilingual conversation. I did not know she was going to answer in English!

P.S. Interviews are done outside lesson times.
註: 訪問是用上課以外的時間完成。

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