The Unashamed Piano Teacher V

[anti-rclick]中文版: 無愧的鋼琴老師《五》

I called my parents and discussed about this [note: high-school education]. Now, the school fee for Form 6 and 7 at a government secondary school was not much at all, while the annual tuition fee for the Pre-Music program (it was a two-year program) almost equaled to that for university program. Since I could continue my study at my secondary school, it only made perfect sense that I should do so in order not to spend extra tuition money. However, it made the worst sense as well to stay at the same school since I hated it so much and could not think of any other reason to continue doing so.

* * *
There were two particular things that I would forever be grateful and indebted to my Mother, who always thought from my side, for better or worse. And she would never think I should do so and so because everyone was doing it. She would let me be the judge of it. The first thing happened when I was in kindergarten. One day, my class teacher asked my Mother to go for a chat. It was about the “problem” that I had been using left hand to write. The teacher thought she needed to “correct” me into using my right hand instead. My Mother simply told the teacher, “Why won’t you let her use left hand already?” I had been using my left hand as the dominant hand ever since.

The second thing would be about the enrollment of the Pre-Music Program. As I phoned my Parents about their opinion, my Mother’s answer was, “you choose whichever program you want to enroll in, whether it be the secondary school program or the music program. Choose the one you are interested in regardless of the fee.”

* * *
I chose Music.

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