Some Thoughts on My Teaching


Last night I found a blog online about piano teaching. A piano teacher in Taiwan wrote quite an interesting article. It was an answer to a question that her new student’s parent asked: “is the ratio of your students’ discontinuation of piano lessons high?” The article gave me some thoughts on the same subject.

After my return from the States, I started taking in some private students in Hong Kong again. At the beginning I did not devote much time on piano teaching because I was too busy with other teaching and performance engagements. Gradually I put more time into it and gave up many other engagements. During now and then, the majority of students still continue learning from me. Some discontinued because of a new stage in their life journey, e.g having a new born baby, finishing the piano diplomas, going to schools overseas, or even moving to another country. But all so rarely because of not playing the piano anymore or finding another teacher. I have to admit that I did dismiss a few students, since they were too lazy and they or their parents’ ways of thinking were not compatible with my teaching style.

I suppose all the others find my teaching well since they are still studying with me ever since the first day they came to me.