The Three “W” Questions

[anti-rclick]Chinese Version: 三個“W”的問題

Efficient practice requires a lot of brainwork. (Therefore, I have a lot of grey hair.)

There are three essential “W” questions you need to ask yourself when you practise, especially when you are stuck.

1. What?
What seems to be the problems? What hinders you from playing the passage smoothly? Identify each problem accordingly. Is it the notes? The fingering? The rhythm? The technique motion? The coordination between the two hands? The pedaling? Etc, etc. You have to know exactly what the problem is before you start solving it.

2. Why?
Ask yourself what is happening in each of the particular spots. Why would you get stuck?

3. How?
Find a solution to each problem. Try different ways to solve it. As the old saying goes, “All roads lead to Rome.” The same can be said in a practice. There are always many ways to a solution and thus various practice methods to a problematic passage.

In the coming posts, I will give more precise explanation on how to practise with some selected pieces as examples.

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