Choosing A Piano Teacher For Your Child: Part II

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Sara then went on to hunt for other teachers, but without success. Finally, Sara found her Teacher.

Sara clearly recalled the first time she met her Teacher. She went with her mother to take the first lesson with the Teacher, whose teaching method she found completely different from the others. Sara thought, “This teacher is an Angel!” Since then, Sara and Teacher worked together.

It was not exactly a smooth path during their time together: it was not a struggle between them, but a struggle together on Sara’s musical journey. Sara found this Teacher whose was some Sara could trust in, and whose expertise in teaching and performance, together with patience and compassion, helped her progress in her playing dramatically. Indeed, Sara was not a bad pianist. She was just a little girl whom did not receive the proper training as she should have. She could have been more passionate with her piano playing and built a much more solid foundation of technic and musicality should she have started off in the right way since the first piano lesson.

As she finally passed her diploma exam under this Teacher’s guidance, Sara started to appreciate the beauty of piano music. She was free from burden that had been cast on her for the longest time a child should have never suffered from. She had played by her own choice the most technically and musically demanding repertoire the Teacher could never have imagined her work on. She would practice frantically on her own and stay up all night just to listen to recordings by her favorite pianist and read books about her favorite composer.

Teacher felt her ceaseless effort was finally paying off: Sara had reclaimed her right and ability to love playing the piano again after all these years. Nonetheless, Teacher found there were many problems she could not fix on Sara, who was always in self-denial of her own ability and talent. Sara did not know how to appreciate her own playing. She would be at times negative to herself, telling the Teacher how bad her playing was no matter how positive and encouraging the Teacher would be. Such behavior and attitude, cast upon by all the other “teachers” Sara had during her childhood, might stay with the little girl for the rest of her life. Sara, who could have been able to enjoy music of a lifetime, might be deprived of such privilege forever.

This is the end of the story.

I am the Teacher.


I am telling this true story here to let you Parents understand that it is of utmost importance to choose the right piano Teacher, especially the first one, for your precious Child. Although a student might have many piano teachers in life, the first teacher can almost determine how s/he feels, thinks and responds to his/her musical training. It also depends on what kind of piano training you want for your child. Do you want your child to feel joy in making music? Or do you just want your child to pass exams in the shortest period? It is all up to you.

Think hard and think twice before you choose a piano teacher for your child. And it is never too late to change to another teacher who might be more suitable for and compatible with your child.

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