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I have such experience quite a few times in my musical life so far.

As some of you might know already from my previous post about my graduate study in the US, I had an excruciating experience with a piano professor. I knew back then I should not continue studying with him and should find someone else for a better life in many aspects, I could not do it. I simply did not know what and how to deal with such situation until one day at one miraculous chance I met my Teacher. Now I know I had made the best decision ever on choosing a teacher suitable for myself and regret at times that I did not act up sooner. There are chances we have to grasp at some point or they might be gone forever. We have to be the one who actively pursue them and wisely utilate them.

Such experience also occurs in my teaching life. At the beginning of my teaching life, I only thought whoever came to be deserved a chance to study with me. And once they became my students, I was supposed to stick with them through thick and thin. When my students had problems in their attitude and playing, I always thought if there were things that I could do better first. Then I tried my very best to solve the problems and help my students as much as I could. But gradually I found that it was not the case at all. I could not carry every problem to myself. Sometimes the problems came from the students or their parents. There could be a different understanding towards piano education, or lack of communication among the three parties, or even plainly incompatibility. There were things I simply could not fix on my own. Even I was not sure if they could find a good teacher, I had to let them go and end my misery, understanding that I had tried my very best as I could. I just needed to allocate the time to the students who deserved my full attention, but not those who had terrible attitude and manner towards me and piano playing.

I have been better at letting students go now, from the previous case of over 2 years of agony to 3 weeks of agitation and annoyance. I do wish them good luck.

There are also other aspects in our lives that we could apply this same attitude to. What do you think it might be for you?

Teresa Wong

Thank You, My Dear Students


Dear Students,

It is your words that motivates me,

It is your progress that moves me forward,

It is your attitude that shows your trust and respect in me as your teacher,

It is your passion in playing that touches me, that makes me feel blessed and want to learn more and teach better,

It is your presence that gives me strength and confidence, even in the most trying hours in my teaching life.

So, a million thanks to you all, my wonderful Students.

Forever grateful,
Your Teacher,

Teresa Wong

Please Don’t Come For Piano Lessons If…請不要來學鋼琴,如果:


Please don’t come for piano lessons if:

1. You don’t trust and respect me as your teacher or your children’s teacher;
2. You don’t agree to my Studio Policy;
3. You don’t want to listen to my teaching and follow my practice instructions;
4. You don’t take your piano lessons seriously;
5. You don’t take your piano practice seriously;
6. You don’t take your piano playing seriously;
7. You don’t take yourself seriously;
8. Someone else tells you to take piano lessons instead of yourself;
9. You don’t think you are good enough and you don’t believe that even after taking lessons with me you can play better than now;
10. You hate playing the piano.



Teresa Wong

Studio Policy

[anti-rclick] © 2009 - 2011, All Rights Reserved. 閱讀中文版: 『上課規則』 December 2009. 1. There should be mutual respect and trust among the teacher and students, as well as the teacher and parents. 2. Punctuality for lessons is of utmost importance. Lessons are automatically cancelled with no refund when students do not show up or are [...]


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一. 老師、學生和家長之間要互相尊重和信任。

二. 學生應準時上課。當學生不出席課堂或遲到十五分鐘以上而沒有合理的解釋時,課堂將會自動被取消並不會被退款。

三. 每天練習對各級學生的學習和進步是至關重要的。每天練習時間如下:



四. 學生須於每週計劃的日期和時間上課。如果有需要重新安排即將到來的課堂,請於一個星期前親口或通過電子郵件告訴我,或者至少課堂前兩天通過電話通知我。課堂是不宜取消的,但如果這是必要的(如長假期或學校考試期間),最好的辦法是在結束課堂前告訴我下一個課堂你要告假。除非是因疾病或極端緊急的情況下缺課,否則我不會為錯過的課堂作出補課。

五. 家長、監護人和女傭應避免於學生的鋼琴課期間逗留在工作室內。

六. 課堂在公眾假期照常上課。聖誕節及翌日(十二月二十五日和二十六日)、元旦(一月一日)、農曆新年頭一至三天不會上課。這些日子的課堂可能被取消或調動至其他日子。如果學生希望將其他公眾假期的課堂調動至其他曰子的話,請給我一個星期的通知。

七. 過度缺席,行為不當和準備不足是絕對不能接受的。學生將受到勸告和警告,並在極端的情況下,被趕出我的教室。

八. 請不要在等候上課時談話,手機和傳呼機必須轉為『震動』模式。

九. 有興趣參加任何大師班,比賽,公開考試和表演的學生,必須事先向我諮詢意見。

十. 家長或學生需自行負責購買音樂書籍和其他相關設備,尤其是購買鋼琴前應先諮詢我的建議。

十一. 我歡迎家長在我的同意下觀察孩子的上課情況,同樣地,學生也可以在我和有關學生的批准下而旁聽其他學生的課堂。家長和學生亦可隨時與我討論他們的孩子/自己學習的進度。

十二. 學生需在每個月的第一課繳交四堂學費。當那個月份有額外的一周時,學生必須上第五堂和繳交五堂學費,因為每個課堂都對加強學習進度非常重要。請付現金或支票( 抬頭人為『黃穎妍』)。

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Teresa Wong

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