To Piano Students a.k.a. Piano Teachers

[anti-rclick]中文版: 給鋼琴學生(又是鋼琴教師)的話

Dear All,

I am tremendously glad to have reached out to not only students but also you- piano teachers who want to better their own playing and teaching. I really appreciate your openness to accept my philosophy and pedagogy, that you are open enough to learn from another teacher and improve yourselves so that your students can be benefited from your own musical growth.

There are many stages in our piano lives and we might need different teachers. I had been in a situation when I was with one teacher for long time and I did not feel inspired and encouraged after some years but did not know how to change to another teacher (scared that the old teacher might get mad or did not try hard enough to reach out for the new one etc.). There were times I knew I was wasting time with a teacher but just did not know what to do (e.g the teacher was really great pianist so I thought I should stick with him). But when I found my Teacher, it was such an amazing experience and I grew tremendously musically and spiritually. I felt there was a whole new world out there for my piano life. I do encourage you try such change if there is such a need, especially when you do not feel there is a connection anymore between you and your teacher.

I also understand why some of you feel that you cannot talk to your teacher about your teaching. There are some other students who have come to be about the same problem. Some teachers might feel intimidated by their students’ own teaching activities, or it might just be that the students feel their teachers would not approve of their teaching. For me, I would be pleased to help my students with their own teaching so that their students can be benefited from my students’ teaching under my tutelage.

Good luck with your teacher hunt!


Teresa Wong

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