The Right Mindset

[anti-rclick]中文版: 「心理質素」

August 17, 2010

Let me tell you this: before we start playing, in lesson or practice, we need to have the right mind set. Only under such condition can a student learn and improve.

Now then, what is the right mind set? First and foremost, you have to have the positive learning attitude. That is, you are here to learn and improve. You want to play better. Respect your teacher and yourself. Trust your teacher’s guidance and try your best to follow. Whether in lesson or practice, you are there for yourself to better your own playing, but not for your parents or your teacher.

Second, focus. Focus on your teacher’s instruction and your own playing. It is very important to stay focus during lesson and practice. Without focus, you are merely moving your fingers across the keyboard. So, focus, listen and play.

Third, be confident and have faith in yourself and your playing. If you keep thinking that you cannot improve, you will never improve. Trust yourself that you can play better. From this attitude, face the problems you encounter in the piece and find the right method to solve them. Never think practice is boring or it is a chore. If you think that way, it stays that way in your head. Think practice is interesting and it helps you improve. Indeed, practice is so much fun! For me it is a problem-solving musical activity, it is like you are reading a detective story and trying to solve the case by using the bits and pieces of the evidence; the rest of it is right there for you to find.

Don’t believe me that practice are fun? Try think of it that way before you start your next practice session. Prepare yourself with such positive and fun attitude. Walk to your piano confidently. Start you practice full of hope. You are the music detective trying to solve the case in this piano piece! You will find it a completely different practice that you have never experienced before.

P.S. It works only if you believe it works!

Teresa Wong

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