I have such experience quite a few times in my musical life so far.

As some of you might know already from my previous post about my graduate study in the US, I had an excruciating experience with a piano professor. I knew back then I should not continue studying with him and should find someone else for a better life in many aspects, I could not do it. I simply did not know what and how to deal with such situation until one day at one miraculous chance I met my Teacher. Now I know I had made the best decision ever on choosing a teacher suitable for myself and regret at times that I did not act up sooner. There are chances we have to grasp at some point or they might be gone forever. We have to be the one who actively pursue them and wisely utilate them.

Such experience also occurs in my teaching life. At the beginning of my teaching life, I only thought whoever came to be deserved a chance to study with me. And once they became my students, I was supposed to stick with them through thick and thin. When my students had problems in their attitude and playing, I always thought if there were things that I could do better first. Then I tried my very best to solve the problems and help my students as much as I could. But gradually I found that it was not the case at all. I could not carry every problem to myself. Sometimes the problems came from the students or their parents. There could be a different understanding towards piano education, or lack of communication among the three parties, or even plainly incompatibility. There were things I simply could not fix on my own. Even I was not sure if they could find a good teacher, I had to let them go and end my misery, understanding that I had tried my very best as I could. I just needed to allocate the time to the students who deserved my full attention, but not those who had terrible attitude and manner towards me and piano playing.

I have been better at letting students go now, from the previous case of over 2 years of agony to 3 weeks of agitation and annoyance. I do wish them good luck.

There are also other aspects in our lives that we could apply this same attitude to. What do you think it might be for you?

Teresa Wong


  1. admin says:

    Thank you, Fredrick.

  2. Fredrick says:


  3. admin says:

    Thank you Anastasia and Ami for your comments and encouragement! I really appreciate that.

  4. Ami says:

    不是每個人也有能力去欣賞別人對他的好的, 不要太介意 =)

  5. Anastasia says:

    Right, don’t blame all problems on yourself.

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