I Am A Teacher, I Am A Student


I am a teacher, but sometimes I am a student myself. Switching role makes me understand more about the relationship between the two.

When I reach out to search for a teacher, I look for someone not only for certain professional qualifications but also his/her teaching experience and expertise. I rather not go to some big company with a lot of branches especially when I want to take private lessons. I am worried if the teacher who seems to match with my requirements is actually compatible with my learning style. I wonder if s/he is a great teacher, a teacher who would look out for his/her students, if s/he is sincere and serious about teaching and willing to understand where I come from.

I am a student in yoga and dances. When I am in the lesson, I am focused and ready to roll. I respect my teacher’s professionalism and expertise. I listen intently to her/his instruction and try to follow as much as possible. Sometimes I miss the point, and my teacher would correct me with the details. I take that as a positive and non-judgmental advice which is given to help me with my movement. When I do not understand something, I ask my teacher politely and sincerely for more explanation. I know my teacher is there for me and s/he is very inviting to my questions. Then I go home and practice. I recall what I have done in lesson and work on each movement with more details and precision. When I go back for my next lesson, I know I have worked hard the past week yet I have much room for improving the old movements and learning new ones. I am excited to be there and want to do better every time.

I am a student in languages. I do believe I have some talents in foreign languages, and I feel I can read pretty well. But I am not so good at in the speaking part, especially the pronunciation in European languages. Sometimes I thought I did it fine, and my teacher would correct me, and at times I hear no difference at all! At first I might feel s/he was being picky, yet when I put down my guard, think and pay attention to the details, I do find there is a slight difference and I trust that only the professional and higher-level students can differentiate between the two.

I am a teacher, and I am a student. Not only I learn from my teachers, but I also learn from my students and my surroundings.

How about you?

Teresa Wong

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