[anti-rclick]Mae-Z Fam plays the first movement of Clementi’s Sonatina Op. 36, no. 3 in C major. This is Mae-Z’s first try of video-recording her piano performance. Keep up the good spirit, Mae-Z!

[qt:http://teresawong.dyndns.org:9001/video/mae-z.m4v 480 360]

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  1. admin says:

    Dear Esther,

    Thank you for your appreciation of the video.
    More thanks for introducing Mae-Z to me to be my student all the way from Malaysia! Mae-Z is a great girl and Sharon is a wonderful mother. Please do keep coming back to my website for more videos of Mae-Z and other students! :)

    Best regards from Hong Kong,

  2. Esther Tan says:

    Mae-Z, you’ve surpassed yourself!!!! Keep up the good work! from Aunty Esther, Malaysia.

    Teresa, thanks for putting up this video clip of my niece. It’s great to be able to view and enjoy her piano playing from over at this end. :)

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