Month: October 2010

Mae-Z Fam: C.P.E. Bach’s “Solfeggietto” (Version I)

[anti-rclick]Mae-Z Fam plays C.P.E. Bach’s “Solfeggietto”.

This is a yet-to-be-polished “Version I” as of October 2010. We will work on this song on and off in the next few months and see how much we can polish it, which will be shown in “Version II”.

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Teresa Wong’s Piano Songbook, Song I: Strollin’ Along


Inspired by Pamela Wedgwood’s fascinating collections of piano pieces, I have finally started working on this project, along with many of my other projects, of writing a piano songbook with my original compositions for educational purpose.

隨著我的許多其他「工程」,我終於在這個項目上開始工作,寫一本以教育為主的原創鋼琴作品集。靈感來自Pamela Wedgwood豐富的鋼琴曲目系列。

Teresa Wong’s Piano Songbook, Song No.1

Strollin’ Along

Here is the video:
[qt: 640 360]

I love this fun song! The only thing I am not sure about is the song title. Any suggestions?

Teresa Wong

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