Computer Technology & Music Making III

[anti-rclick]Here are a couple examples I wrote using Garage Band, one great music software by Apple both for basic composing and educational purpose.

Number One:
Una Canzona Allegra (“A Happy Song”)
A short little happy song as stated in the title.

Here I use:
Boldt Sharp Strings, Boldt BH Cello (2 tracks), Boldt Ensemble Pizzicato, Boldt Andre Grand Piano, Pop Flute, Boldt Roland Bassoon, and Pop Kit.

Number Two:
Castle in the Forest
A song of longer duration, more complex instrumentation as well as of contrasting style to the previous one.

Here I use:
3 tracks of Orchestral Strings, 2 tracks each of Grand Piano, Cello, and Solo Viola, 1 track each of Pop Flute, Church Choir, Cello, and Double Bass Decay.

You can find more realistic sounds of string instruments by Boldt . It is a free download. Just type in “Boldt instruments” and you will find many links to download it. The sound of the strings is much better than the free one that Apple provides.

Teresa Wong

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