Free Music Resources 免費音樂資源

[anti-rclick]Recently I have found some useful free music resources online while doing research on developing an aural training software. Here I would like to share them with you. They can be supplementary to our piano training.

Free Music Software
This is a software you can download for free to help train your aural skills, in rhythms, intervals, solfege etc.

Free Music Dictionary
This site provides wonderful audio clips of numerous musical terminologies in Italian, French and German. A great useful resources for serious music learners and musicians.

Now here are some selected websites for kids:

New York Philharmonic
“The New York Philharmonic Kidzone is a place for kids to come and learn about the New York Philharmonic and about the instruments, music, musicians, composers and conductors of symphony music.”

San Francisco Symphony
Go especially to the section “The Music Lab”:

Reference websites:
Links to Free Music Resources:

Music, Music Education, Music Technology: MusTech.Net!
“Yes! Simply THE BEST Music Education and Music Technology site on the Web. Hosted by Ph.D. Technology Expert: Joseph M. Pisano.”

For parents and piano teachers who want to learn more about piano methods and lessons, here is a great link:
The Piano Education Page (PEP)

For serious adult music learners:
The Adult Music Student Forum (AMSF)

Here is its “Links of Interest to Adult Music Students”, which provides a resourceful pool of information for those who are serious in their piano/music learning:

Teresa Wong

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