我教學時總是保持正面、充滿幹勁、精神的態度, 就算當我感到極度疲憊、甚至生病時,我仍然能夠保持良好的精神狀態,直到完成整天的教學為止(然後我就會在當天最後一個學生走後立刻倒下)。但無可避免地,有時候我仍然會因為面對一些不聽我教學的學生感到失落和沮喪。

有時候,當我已經與學生(或家長)嘗試作出不同方法的交流但情況仍沒有改善之後 ,我會覺得我已不能幫助他/她走得更遠,彈得更好,我是絕對沒有什麼可以再做的了。也有很多次,因為我已經嘗試一切,而什麼東西似乎都不湊效,情形似乎不值得投資我的時間到這個學生身上時,我只是覺得,「我應該放棄這個學生嗎?」, 「為什麼我仍然繼續進行下去,花更多的時間和精力把這個學生嗎?他/她值得我這樣做嗎?」

在這個關鍵時刻,我會對自己說,是的,我可以再作更多的嘗試。我可以花更多的精力與時間和嘗試新的方式與學生溝通。是的,這個人是值得的,因為他/她是我的學生。我會繼續努力,直到我再次感到沮喪為止。然後希望這情況會扭轉。有時奇蹟還是會發生的。也許它不是純粹的運氣,而是因為我對這名學生灌輸的不懈努力下創造出來的奇蹟 …

I always teach with an uplifted and positive attitude. Even when I feel extremely exhausted or sick, I can still keep up with the good spirit until the end of the teaching day (then I collapse immediately). Inevitably, there are still times that I feel frustrated and down when facing some students who seem not to listen to my teaching and the communication channel between us is completely shut down.

There are times that I feel there is absolutely nothing I can do more after many ways of trying to communicate with the student (or his/her parent) and I cannot help him/her to progress further and play better. There are times I just think, “should I give up on this student?”, because it just seems not worth investing my time into the student anymore as I have tried everything and nothing seems to work. “Why should I still keep going on and spend even more time and effort into this student? Is s/he worth it?”

At this critical moment, I will think to myself, yes, there is more I can try. I can put even more effort and try new ways to communicate with the student. And yes, this person is worth it because s/he is my student. I will keep trying until I get frustrated again. Hopefully it will turn around. Miracle does happen sometimes. Perhaps it is not sheer luck but miracle is created because I have instilled in this student with much effort and faith.

Teresa Wong 黃穎妍

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