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January 7, 2011
Yes, My Students, You Can! 學生們,你們做得到的!
January 10, 2011
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家長們,請認真對待鋼琴學習吧! Students’ Parents, Please Take Piano Learning Seriously!


Students’ Parents, please take piano learning seriously!

Treat piano like an academic subject at school. Just like any academic subject, learning to play the piano requires practice with discipline and focus. Just like you take English subject seriously, you should take piano learning seriously too. Just as your child needs to revise his/her maths, your child needs to “revise”, i.e. practice, his/her piano playing too. Just as you make a room for Chinese in your child’s study schedule, you should also schedule in a regular practice time slot for piano practice too.

It really is that simple. If you as a parent treat it as just an interest that can be disposed aside the “important” subjects, your child would also ignore piano playing and treat it casually. Nothing will be gained from such attitude. But when you as a parent take piano learning seriously, your child will do so and improve accordingly.

So from now on, take your child’s piano learning seriously!


請像對待學校學科一樣對待鋼琴科。 就像任何學科一樣,學習彈鋼琴需要有紀律和集中地練習。 就像你認真對待英文科一樣,你應該認真對待鋼琴學習。 正如你的孩子需要溫習他/她的數學,你的孩子需要「溫習」,即練習他/她的鋼琴彈奏。 正如你在孩子的溫習時間表中放入中國科目一樣,你也應該安排一個固定的時間給鋼琴練習。

如果你作為父母把鋼琴學習看作只是一個隨便的興趣、可隨時棄置「重要」科目一旁的話,你的孩子也會忽視和隨便對待鋼琴練習的。 這樣的學習態度孩子什麼都不會學得到。 但是當你作為父母都認真的對待鋼琴學習,你的孩子也將會這樣做,彈奏並相應地得到改善和進步。


(不想花時間練習鋼琴的話,就請不要開始學習鋼琴; 學習中的也停止鋼琴課算了!)

Teresa Wong

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