Students’ Recital 2011: Rehearsal Highlights I 學生演奏會排練片段 I

[anti-rclick]Here are some highlights from our rehearsal last Friday (21st) for our upcoming students’ recital at 1pm on this Sunday, 30th Jan, 2011, at the Recital Hall, Hong Kong City Hall.
我們的學生演奏會將於這個星期日, 2011年1月30日下午一時,於香港大會堂高座8樓演奏廳舉行 。
演奏會名稱爲 「音樂樂聚:黃穎妍與學生鋼琴演奏會2011」(“A Musical Gathering: Piano Recital by Teresa Wong & Students 2011”)。

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This clip is Joy Chan and Jeremy Chan playing duets together, MCs are Yan Phu and Cherrie Hui:

[qt: 480 272]

The second clip is Yan Phu playing Schubert’s Moment Musical and Oesten’s “Doll’s Dream, MCs are Joy Chan and Anisia Wong:

[qt: 480 272]

The third clip is Anisia Wong playing Hoffmann’s “Zur Laute”:

[qt: 480 272]

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