Copyright Infringement


February 16, 2011

I have noticed today that one self-proclaimed “piano teacher” has been copying my materials from my website. There are sentences copied word by word, phrase by phrase, while other information has been copied in the most similar format with extra one or two phrases add-on. I am now well aware of such copycat out there. So let me tell you this here: STOP COPYING ME & WRITE YOUR OWN MATERIALS! (If you have such ability to). There is such thing as copyright infringement and plagiarism (if you have been to college). If you absolutely have to because you do not possess such brilliant mind like me or are simply too lazy to write it yourself, you have to credit such materials is copied from me or my website. All materials here are copyright reserved.

Teresa Wong

P.S. I know who you are, so stop it! And remove the relevant posts NOW!

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