Yes I Do, In Sickness and In Health

[anti-rclick]February 28, 2011

Getting sick is a BAD thing.

I grew seriously ill since last Saturday after teaching. It must have been at least 20 degree celsius that night but I had to turn the heater on and was still feeling cold under layers of warm clothes and winter quilt. I was cold for the first half of the night and sweating for the second.

Under such excruciating physical situation, there were two things in my mind.

One, “Can I teach tomorrow? If not, I have to get up earlier and contact the students before they come in! Oh, please let me have strength to teach tomorrow!” (perhaps some students might be pleased to skip a lesson but I would rather keep track of their progress weekly)

Two, “I cannot die yet, I still have to write my (piano) book and have not finished my teaching mission!” (yes, I know that was way too much, but it just reminded me of that horrifying incident of real live-or-die situation during my study in the US, which I would for sure wrote about sooner or later)

With this thought in mind, I went to sleep with much difficulty.

I woke up a few times and worried if it was time already to teach or if I could be strong enough to teach in the morning, especially when my throat was so sore I could barely speak.

Finally it was time to wake up for Sunday’s teaching. I found I was pretty fine in contrast to the previous night’s situation. So I pulled together the little physical strength I had and went through my teaching. I was surprised to find I could actually finish it all.

However the situation got worse.

This Monday morning, I woke up with much horror: I had NO voice and an extremely sore throat. I was shocked. “How am I gonna teach today??”

I gathered up my courage and the little strength I had in me. Then I started my 11-8, 9-hour straight teaching day.


Thank you Students for putting up with me having such little voice today.

It is indeed great to be in music everyday, in sickness and in health.

And yes, I do, to piano, to music, and to teaching.

Teresa Wong

Postscript as of March 1st:
I have completely lost my voice. Sorry students no lessons today. Give me back my voice tomorrow!

March 2nd:
Still NO voice. Where is it?…

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