In This Perfect World of Music Fantasy…

[anti-rclick]March 7, 2010

I am super rich.

I am so rich I can build a school for music and piano and provide music education and piano training for free.

So the students I accept to teach can come in and take as many lessons as I can teach.

Even the poor students with passion in piano can come take lessons for free.

I can hire as many people as I want to help with administration, organizing concerts and performances.

I can hire good teachers to train them so they can help with teaching. I can pay them good salaries.

I can buy all the bestest equipment, the best pianos, the best recording facilities.

I can build the best sounding concert hall and many practice rooms.

I can build and nice cafeterias and gymnasium so students and staff can be healthy with nutritious food and regular physical exercise.

I can focus even more on teaching, writing books and music, and making materials for students.

I can even build dormitory (nice one, not those prison-like cell rooms) for staff and students to stay in.

We can have as many concerts as possible.

We can even hire great musicians to perform for us and to be learnt from. We can have regular masterclasses and summer schools every year.

We can have tour every year. Students can go to Europe and US to learn from others and play music together, with the money I have.

We don’t have to worry about money and tuition fees, rent and mortgages. Because there’s plenty money to spend with.

In this perfect world of music fantasy…

Teresa Wong

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