Less Is More?


March 13, 2011.

I believe most people, if not everybody in Hong Kong, knows that cosmetic brand which slogan is “less is more” even you may not remember what its brand name is (I always see it unavoidably at the cinema before a show begins and that really drives me crazy).

Less is more. Is it?

When I was younger, I always want to buy things: clothes, accessories, bags, shoes. You name it, I have it.

Now I find most of them unnecessary. Especially the space in Hong Kong is so limited, and when I am the one to clean them up. Now for me, one or two really nice pieces are good enough. Time and knowledge are after all more precious than objects.

When I was younger, I liked to play difficult pieces, with lots of notes (so many you can’t even begin to count how many there are and hear what the sound should be like), crazy chords (not 7th, not 9th, but 23rd!) and gigantic jumps (like cross-a-river kind) at a ridiculously impossibly fast tempi (over 252, way above the limit of a metronome) and thunderous deafening dynamics (fffff!) and overly-emotional painfully scrutinizing or mystically dark mood (languor, absolutely angry dramatic passionate at-the-edge-of-nervous-breakdown kind of character).

Now I love soft pieces with little notes and less lines. Simple structures and forms. Slow enough that I can take time to express everything. Not a lot of dynamic contrast but concentrate on projecting a mellow soothing melancholic sound and the different layers of tone colors and emotions.

Perhaps sometimes, less is more.

Teresa Wong

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