A Few Books To Start With (For Students)


March 15, 2011

Recently some students have been borrowing books from me for further reading after lessons. I welcome you all to do so. The following are a few books I suggest to start with that might help you on your playing in different aspects:

Title: Positive Thinking
Author: Vera Peiffer
Publisher Information: Element, Harper Collins Publishes Limited

Useful for everyone of you. Period.

Title: You Can Heal Your Life
Author: Louise L. Hay
Publisher Information: Hay HOuse, Inc., 2004.

Sounds like some corny self-help book but has very instructive points on looking into ourselves and therefore helping us to improve on our playing.

Title: The Art of Practicing: A Guide to Making Music From The Heart
Author: Madeline Bruser
Publisher: Bell Tower, New York

Quite a useful and non-conventional book on practice.

Title: Great Pianists on Piano Playing: Godowsky, Hofmann, Lhevinne, Paderewski, and 24 Other Legendary Performers
Compiled by: James Francis Cooke
Publisher: Dover Publications, Inc., New York

If you want to know more about the greatest pianists of the 20th Century, their playing and words on playing/music, then you can have a read on this.

Title: The New Grove: The Piano
Publishing Information: W.W. Norton and Company, New York, London.

An informative book on the piano history (Ch.1), piano playing (Ch.2), pianist (Ch.3) and piano music (Ch.4).

Any students who need scores or CDs on particular pieces are welcome to ask if I have them. I shall dig them up one by one, up in my attic (or under the grand piano).

Any books you see on my shelves you can borrow.

Don’t be afraid to ask. I am here to help. Just remember to return the borrowed items to me after reading/listening.

Now who has my “With You Own Two Hands” by Seymour Bernstein??…

For more, please go to Reference Books 參考書 (yes, I am still looking for time to work on the online catalogue on books and CDs…)

Teresa Wong

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