Communication and Understanding 溝通和理解


March 15, 2011


我們所說的情感和音樂,乃是 “Songs Without Words” (無言歌)。

成功的教學是將自己的想法和對音樂和鋼琴的知識以明確和有條理的話語清晰地向學生表達。就像我以前說過,我本來是那種病啞了也沒問題的人,直到我出國讀書,才真正的開始和別人交談起來 (因此剛回港時講中文時grammar非常有問題,希望現在好了一點吧! )。所以我一直很努力去學習和研究心理學和語言的藝術,了解如何措詞謹慎一點,如何學生和家長溝通。但是,有時仍難免因誤會而發生誤解和衝突。

最近出現了一些混亂。雖然發生了很大的誤解,但同時亦出現了更多互相理解和關係改善。話雖如此,挫敗感難免出現,而它非常懂得令人傾向消極的一面去想。One really has to fight against it。不過當我聽到學生美妙的彈奏時,我確實感到很幸福和恩惠。

So here I am.





Teresa Wong 黃穎妍

P.S. 最近,我發現自己的中文越來越好,也許是因為我一直在寫更多的中文文章吧。以後我會寫多一點中文,請多多支持。
(其實當我讀小學時,我最擅長中文,我閱讀很多中國文學書籍,從三國演義,西遊記,金庸,至簡體字的魯迅, 矛盾,巴金的家春秋!……)


Playing the piano is a way of communication. We speak our mind and soul through the piano with our hands.

We speak emotion and music, “songs without words”.

Teaching successfully is to project thoughts and knowledge on music and piano to students well in organized words. Like I said before, I was someone who did not speak (I would then be fine when I found myself “mute”) until I went abroad to study, so I really tried to learn how to communicate to students and parents by doing research on psychology and the art of speech, choosing and phrasing words carefully. However, unavoidably, there can still be conflict sometimes due to misunderstanding and miscommunication.

Recently, there has been much turmoil. While miscommunication occurred with some, there was improvement in understanding with others as well. Although frustration was bound to happen and it seemed easier to lean towards the negative side, one needed to fight against it. When I listen to the beautiful playing from my students, I feel very blessed and am deeply touched.

So here I am now.

I shall forget yesterday’s mistakes and bravely face tomorrow’s challenge.

From today onwards, I will talk less about myself, talk more about music.

Thank you all for your support and your honesty.

Teresa Wong 黃穎妍

2 thoughts on “Communication and Understanding 溝通和理解

  1. 其實我很喜歡miss wong你寫寫自己, 留學的生活啦, 生活點滴啦, 教學逸事, 我看了以後會會心微笑, 心想:原來miss wong也會看高木直子, 好可愛…也假設如果星期一電梯要修理, 我能不能跑樓梯去上課呢?

    彈琴不是一味彈彈彈, 觀察身邊事物也是令人有所得著的 :) 對生活有感, 也是情感之一, 你說音樂除了技術以外, 感情有多重要呢?

  2. miss wong,其實我發覺你最近都確實是多打了中文,有點奇怪,哈哈 =D


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