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March 17, 2011

The following references are more academic and professional and therefore are suitable for students of diploma/performance levels and serious learners only. They are chapters of special topics selected from piano/music journals.
These are now ready to be borrowed for reading.

Performance Practice
Performance Practice: Music After 1600-
Chapters on Scarlatti and Mozart’s keyboard music
(The New Grove Handbooks in Music)

The General Art of Page Turning
(The Piano Quarterly, Summer 1981, Number 114)

Choosing an Edition
Editing Chopin
The Great Piano Teachers
Piano Study
Performers’ Symposium
Record Review
Chopin’s Influence
Book Reviews
(Piano, Sept/Oct 1998)

Appendix2 : Chopin and the Interpreter
(Ashkenazy, Ax, Brendel, Uchida, Michael Roll, Carl Schachter, Shelley, Tan, Tamas Vasary)

Chopin: The Reluctant Romantic
Interlude: Ballades and Scherzos (ballade pages only)

Prelude (suite pour le piano, 1901)
by Steve Pur

Choosing an Edition
(Piano, Jan/Feb 2000)

The Great Piano Teachers
(Piano, July/August 1998)

Editing Ravel
(Piano, July/August 1998)

Bachian Jazzman: Jacques Loussier
(Piano, May/June 1998)

Piano the instrument
Technically Speaking: The Strain-Resisting Structure
(Piano, November/December 1997)

Technically Speaking
(Piano, March/April 1998)

Technically Speaking: The Key Story
(Piano, January/February 1998)

Storytelling at the Piano
by Catherine Kautsky
(American Music Teacher, Dec/Jan 1999-2000)

Part Two: Playing the Piano – Aspects of Technique
Trill and Vibrato
(unknown resource so far)

Performance Psychology
The Inner Game of Music
by Barry Green and Timothy Gallway
incomplete chapters (only 2 and 10 retrieved so far)

Music Theory in Concept and Practice.
James Baker, David Beach, Jonathan Bernard (eds.)
University of Rochester Press, 1997.

More references to come…

Teresa Wong

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