Books for Parents 家長也可以看的書本


March 18, 2011

Any parents who are interested in reading about how to help your children with piano learning are welcome to borrow the following books to begin with:

Title: Raising An Amazing Musician: You, Your Child And Music
Publishing Information: ABRSM Publishing Ltd, 2009.

Very straightforward writing with useful information for parents who are concerned with their children’s music study. I shall discuss about this book in due time.

Title: Your Musical Child: Inspiring Kids to Play and Sing for Keeps
Author: Jessica Baron Turner

I would also highly recommend this book to any parents who are serious about their children’s musical learning.

You can read my article first if you are interested in this book:
“Musical Child I”
閱讀中文版: 你的音樂兒童《一》)

書名: 管教啊,管教
作者: 汪琣珽

書名: 少兒鋼琴教學與輔導
作者: 但昭義
出版: 人民音樂出版社


For more, please go to Reference Books 參考書

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