My Music Experience: Italy (I)

[anti-rclick]我的演奏經歷: 意大利篇 (一)

My Music Experience: Italy (II)

March 30, 2011

A few years back I was invited to Italy to work as a piano accompanist in a music festival. Back then I was still studying at the graduate school. That was the second time I went to Italy because of music (the first time was when I went there with the school choir). I loved everything about this country: its language, its culture, even its cuisine. Before I went there again, I also revised my rusted Italian a bit so that I could communicate better with the locals.

I left the States for Italy during my summer break from study. There were a few layovers in three to four European cities during my flight to Italy (as I was trying to get the best deal for the air ticket). In fact, I loved flying alone for some unknown reason so there was no problem about stopping and going. I still clearly recalled that in the airport at Brussels, Belgium where I discovered this “ski-style” toilet (just use your imagination to think how that works). After this long flight, I finally arrived in Bologna, Italy, where I met up with other participants, and took a coach bus to the smaller town in which we were going to stay for the next three weeks.

In Italy that year, the weather in June was very hot and dry already. I was absolutely thrilled to be there in my favorite country. The place we stayed was an “albergo”, which means hotel in Italian. But to me it was more simple like a motel.

In the following three weeks my daily schedule was almost identical: every morning I had Italian class for three hours, then we had vocal coaching classes for the whole afternoon after lunch break. I was responsible for the piano accompanying work mainly with my voice professor. After dinner, we would sat around at the patio of the only ristorante at our hotel.

Teresa Wong

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