More Academic Readings: On Piano Playing and Performance

[anti-rclick]April 5, 2011

Tension in Piano Playing: Its Importance and Dangers
by Carola Grindea

Performance Anixety and How to Control it: A Psychologist’s Perspective
by Paul Lehrer

On Piano Teaching and Performing
by Fanny Waterman

Alexander Technique : An introductory guide to the techniques and its benefit
by Chris Steven

Part Two: Playing the Piano
-Aspects of Technique
-On Pedalling
-On Practicing
-On Mechanical Reproduction

Freedom in Piano Technique
by Joan Last

Psychology of Music: Piano

Occupational Hazards
(Piano, November/December 1998)

On the Importance of sitting Correctly at the Piano

A Study of Musical Performance Anxiety
(The American Music Teacher)

Chronic Illness and Pain in Piano Playing- Case Study: Byron Janis

A Diet of Warhorses? (about repertoire choice)

Whole-Body Ear-Training


More to come.

Teresa Wong

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