A Reader’s Response to “The Right Mindset”

April 17, 2011

A couple weeks ago, I posted the link of my article “The Right Mindset” on my studio’s Facebook page. A few days later I received an email from a reader who gave a positive response after reading the article. I have asked her permission to post her email message here in order to encourage other readers who might have read the article as well but are not sure if its theory works. So, my dear readers, try it out, it does work!

The following is the encouraging message from an enthusiastic reader (I don’t want to disclose her name here). Thank you very much for sending me this, it is truly good to know my writing is helping others!

March 29, 2011

Dear Miss Teresa Wong,

Sorry for my sudden, I am writing to thanks for your sharing in Facebook yesterday, I read the teaching notes “The Right Mindset” which encouraged me lots!!

I am cello beginner started for only 3 years learning but I am not young indeed, going to be 30 years old after May (^^), musical learning is really a challenge to me.

I will have my ABRSM Exam grade 3 at end of April, the day before I read your article “The Right Mindset”, I failed to play a song in front of my cello teacher when I was having an aural and piano accompany class with another teacher, I felt so sorry to my teacher, I am disappointed to my performance at that night though I have practiced many many times of the song…..

However, appreciated that I am encouraged by your note —

“Whether in lesson or practice, you are there for yourself to better your own playing, but not for your parents or your teacher.”
sometimes I was stuck in some stupid thinking and feel so sorry to my teacher, i really need to learn how to be confident to myself when i am playing cello, it’s hard but at least i can focus and to be sure that — “it’s a song I want to play/ give to the audience, just do your best~”.

Think practice is interesting and it helps you improve”
It works!! I tried last night and I really can find some improvement of each piece I played, and it’s really interesting….. though i have to face/ correct the mistakes I (always) made, I hope i can enjoy the moment of practicing onwards.

Thank you so much for being a good teacher as you, whenever you give your heart, we feel it~
I hope I can be a good student as well~

Hope you all the best~

Kind Regards,

Until next post,

Teresa Wong

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