Students’ Progress 學生的進步

[anti-rclick]April 18, 2011

I am very pleased to see the significant progress in many students recently, young and mature, beginner or advanced.

When I mean “progress”, it is not only in terms of the students’ playing, but also their understanding of the music, confidence in themselves and their playing, and most importantly, their enjoyment over the music and their playing.

When I look at my students, I feel, happy.

It is worth it even sometimes my work is exhausting.

Keep up the good spirits, you all!


最近我很高興在許多學生當中- 無論是任何年紀和程度- 都看到重大而明顯的進展。



即使有時我的工作是很累人, 但這是值得的。


(快要放假了,大家應該感覺很輕鬆吧? :) )

Teresa Wong 黃穎妍

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