About Piano Learning 學琴之道 II

[anti-rclick]May 19, 2011

I love piano. I love music.

I love playing the piano and listening to music. I also love teaching piano and music to others.

I love classical music, world music and even some (non-local) pop and jazz music.

All of the above do not mean that I want my students to be musicians/piano teachers like me.

If any of my students ever want to study music and become professional musicians, that is great. I would do all my best to help them. But that is not why I want to teach piano.

I want to teach my students piano because I want them to be educated with music and piano, so that they can enjoy music from playing and listening, and appreciate great music for their lifetime.

With this music education, my students can be trained to have better manner, interpretation skills, independent thinking, and cultivate creativity as well as innovation. All these means will be preparing my students to become better persons who will play to their strengths, to see clearer, look further, and walk farther than others. I hope for children in particular, will become people of achievements, contribute to the society, bring to their own and others’ lives more colors, and to the world more positive energy and originality.





上述所有並不意味著我希望我的學生像我一樣成為音樂人 / 鋼琴老師。





Teresa Wong 黃穎妍

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