My Music Experience: France (I)

[anti-rclick]我的演奏經歷: 法國篇 (一)
My Music Experience: France (II)

[anti-rclick]May 20, 2011

Paris, France is a dream city for many to travel at least once in a life time.

For me, it has never given me any special feeling. Although I studied some French during graduate
school, I never thought about going to France. Back then, the only place I went that was most related to any French culture/French language was New Orleans in Louisiana, USA.

A few years back, I was working as a music coach at a university. Basically, I was supposed to coach music students for their final year recitals, or simply said, to teach the students and be their accompanists (as most students’ egos were much more developed than their performance skills). From this post, I got to get acquainted with a professor from a well-known conservatory. I was invited to play a concert with this professor at this university. The process was so painful (to practice all the works and rehearse with him) yet I thought I had learnt much from it. Then the professor had promised to ask me to play with him again in China. The next year I went to China for a few days for a concert and had a fine time. So he asked me again to play in a few months in, Paris.

I did not hear from him for over a year since then. I thought the project was off.

One summer day in Hong Kong, I got his call. He asked me if I could play some concerts with him in Paris. He told me to consider.

I was quite excited as I had never been to Paris before and I thought what greater opportunity than going there because of performances? Moreover, I had promised him over a year ago about this and I was a woman of her word, so even then I had work to do, I had to cancel or postpone some of it.

I said “yes”.

(to be continued…)

Teresa Wong

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