My Music Experience: France (II)

My Music Experience: France (I)
[anti-rclick]我的演奏經歷: 法國篇 (一)

[anti-rclick]May 21, 2011

I was quite excited for that whole summer, wondering how the trip would be like in Paris. A friend of mine knew this city inside out and gave me some books and map for the trip. I scheduled around ten days for the whole trip as I had to be in Paris for a few rehearsals and concerts plus a couple free days or so for myself to explore the city (could not stay for longer as my work and students awaited in HK!).

Finally it was time to go. It was around mid-October then and I thought the weather should not be too bad. I was wrong. It was quite cool and fine during the day under the sun, but already turned cold during the evening. I was underprepared in terms of warm garments.

In my impression, Paris was a cold city for me, not only due to its weather. Parisians were in general quite indifferent and had no smile on their face even when you tried to talk to them. My spoken French was not particularly good so I could only conduct very simple conversation and most of the time I preferred conducting the conversation in English instead. (And you know what they say about French on this issue).

I arrived in Paris very early in the morning (I think it was around 5.30am). The event coordinator there picked me up at the airport. I got to the hotel and greeted the professor. It was all good at that time, except for such a long flight to get there.

We went for a rehearsal straight in that afternoon after freshening up and a little breakfast. The rehearsal was held right at the venue which we would have our first performance. It was a long full-day rehearsal and I was completely exhausted after that. But that was nothing compared to the bureaucratic and people issues that happened later in the trip…

(to be continued…)

Teresa Wong

P.S. This is my 400th post so far, hurray to that!

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