Teresa Wong: “Answer A Question” Series (I)

[anti-rclick]May 29, 2011

Teresa Wong answers some of her students’ questions about piano/music in this series of videos.
在這一系列的錄像中,Miss Wong 回答學生一些有關鋼琴/音樂的疑問。

Question by Cordelia / Yan:
1. “Who made the first piano?” / “Who was the first person to play the piano?”

Question by Yan:
2. “What does Bach look like?”

1。「誰造出了第一個鋼琴?」 /「 誰是第一個彈鋼琴的人?」

[qt:http://teresawong.dyndns.org:9001/video/Tansq2.m4v 640 360]

Note: For better viewing experience, please click on the post’s title and have the video mostly or fully loaded before you start watching it.

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