The Bitter & Sweet of A Teaching Day

[anti-rclick]June 8, 2011

Today was an exhausting day.

Apart from the regular teaching duty, I also started working on the more detailed learning progress report on each student (and there are so many reports to do!). As I began to write the first couple reports, I could see more clearly each student’s progress and improvement. It was amazing to see how some students had come so far and improved so much from the first day I taught them.

Then it was one student’s lesson. As I listened to her playing, I could see my hard work was coming into realization in her. It was a very touching moment.

After that it was the lesson of another student in whom I also saw gradual yet significant improvement throughout the few months studying under me. It was very sad to think about the high probability of choosing not teaching her soon… Still, I tried my best to help her in the lesson, and for the couple lessons remaining.

And then there were a couple new students…


I only hope that I am helping my students as much as I can.

Teresa Wong

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