Jeannette L.: Haydn’s Sonata in C, Hob.XVI/50 (Complete)

[anti-rclick]Jeannette L. plays Haydn’s Piano Sonata in C major, Hob.XVI/50 (Complete).

Here is the first movement:

[qt: 640 360]

Here is the second movement:

[qt: 640 360]

Here is the third movement:

[qt: 640 360]

Note: For better viewing experience, please click on the post’s title and have the video mostly or fully loaded before you start watching it.

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8 thoughts on “Jeannette L.: Haydn’s Sonata in C, Hob.XVI/50 (Complete)

  1. Ok guys, have tried separating the movements into three posts- that did not work. Now, I have put it back into one single post again, reload the files onto the server, should be okay now!
    Thank you all for supporting each other, that’s the spirit!
    Teresa Wong

  2. Clive, Thank you very much for your encouragement as well. I didn’t expect so many of you gave me such enourmous support after the meeting of the first gathering. I would absolutely keep going and hope to overcome my weakness.

    You’re right. I can’t watch the 1st movement either even I re-load the post many times. Miss Wong, you need to upload again!

    Add oil, guys!!

  3. Clive,
    I think you need to reload the post again if you cannot view the other movements, because the files are quite big. If such situation persists, do let me know. I shall separate the three movements into three posts instead, thanks.
    Teresa Wong

  4. Hi Jeanette,
    I can only listen to the 3rd movement on Facebook (for some unknown reason I cannot watch the videos on this webpage), and I think the playing is quite nice indeed! and you don’t look nervous in the recording

    Add oil and looking forward to more of your videos =)

  5. Thank you for your encouragement too. “Normal” playing, no, its only “by chance” (you know that). After watching it again, its really very disgusting, not a bit. I swing too much especially the head, making people feel dizzy. Should be alert not to move too much in the future. 希望下次唔會咁樣衰!

  6. I think you can play the first movement a bit better, if possible. It’s good for other fellow students to watch your “normal” playing too. We can support each other here in a positive way. Add oil, Jeannette!!!

  7. Oh,gosh! Posted here! I thought you said it was for my own view. I wasn’t prepared to have it uploaded here. Though you said the playing is OK, but I think it’s a bit disgusting.

    Annie, thank you so much for your encouragement and praises. I will keep going and hope one day could do the Chopin’s piece nicely. Actually, I wasn’t nervous during the recording (don’t know why? so kept moving to the end, though indeed there were a couple of mistakes).

    I’ll try to manage my pulse better and hope to play that 2nd movement duet with you again next time.

    Really thank you for your support!!

    You, too! Add oil!! Ka Yow!!

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