iPhone Apps for Aural Training! iPhone 聆聽訓練應用程式!

[anti-rclick]June 21, 2011

The iPhone Apps for aural training are finally released!

Now the Apps are for grade 5 levels. There are two versions: Aural Training Grade 5 Lite (which is free), and Aural Training Grade 5 (full version), which is available for US$32.99. Now limited offer for US$2.99!
現在,應用程式是五級的水平,有兩個版本:聆聽訓練五級精簡版(這是免費的),和聆聽訓練五級完整版 (美元 $ 32.99 )。現在作限量特價,只售美元$2.99! 供應期有限!

The full version enables students to practice on their own at their own time and space even without a teacher.

It is also useful for those who wants to improve their music aural ability.

You can search “Teresa Wong” for direct links of the apps.
您可以搜索 “Teresa Wong”直接聯繫iPhone應用程式。

To see the installation and usage of this application, please click here.
如要看應用程式的用途和安裝的短片, 請按此

Or go to the following links:

Aural Training Grade 5 Lite 聆聽訓練五級精簡版:

Aural Training Grade 5 (full version)聆聽訓練五級完整版:

Now go download the Lite Version for FREE and try it out! It’s a very interactive program fun and practical for successful aural training!

Here are the screenshots for the iPhone Apps:



There are three parts of the application:

Part A:

You can record your own singing and compare it with the answer!

Part B: Tap on the notes to check if you are singing the notes correctly!

Part C: Listen to a song and answer some questions:






Record your own clapping and compare it with the correct answer!

See how many questions you have answered so far!

Here is the description for the Grade 5 (full version)- basically the Lite version & Full version are the same, that Lite only has a few questions for practice:

Aural training is essential skill that any music students must possess but all so often such training is much neglected in students’ everyday music learning and lessons.

This application aims to help music students train their aural ability so that they can be better equipped with such skill on their own outside regular lesson times and therefore well prepared for the aural test part which is essential in achieving success in their instrumental exams (grade 5 or equivalent) presented by Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), Trinity College of Music and other music associations alike. This application is also useful for those who are not preparing for exams but wish to improve their aural ability in this similar level.

This grade 5 application has three parts. In Part A, students are required to listen to a short phrase of music twice, then sing or play it back in response. In Part B, students need to read from the score and sing six notes of the same key accordingly in free time. In Part C, students have to listen to a short piece of music, and answer questions in areas of articulation, tempo, tonality, dynamics and character. Then student would listen to an extract from the same music twice, clap the rhythm out and tell the time of the music (in 2, 3, or 4 time).

Both Part A and Part C have a recording feature, so that you can record your own singing/clapping and compare your answers with the correct ones instantly. For Part B, you can tap on each note to listen to the correct answer and at the same time check against your own singing. All these exciting features would definitely enhance your learning experience and maximize your learning result.

This Grade 5 application has 55 questions for each part, i.e. 165 questions in total.

I shall make an instruction video as to how to use the aural training apps for the best result.

Teresa Wong

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