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Nowadays students always want to take the easy way out. Let me tell you something here: there is NO easy way out in piano learning and practice. There are more efficient way but nothing comes easily. If you want something easy, go play video games instead.

Playing the piano is an ART. Art has no limit and boundary, and one strives for the best for close to perfection. And to do so, you need to learn all the techniques and knowledge there are to help you.

If you want improvement, it cannot just be requested by me the teacher. You have to work hard for it. Ask yourself to do better, do more. THINK. Have you done what I have asked you to do? If you haven’t, is there any point I tell you again and again? Of course you will not improve. Just think about why you haven’t succeeded. Especially for those who want to succeed in exams and competitions, for those who are in higher levels, ask yourself: how much have you done to deserve the certificate or the award?

If you have no patience, and think you cannot bear boredom on practicing slow and working on little details, then do not play the piano. Go watch the TV instead. Or just sit around, that would be easier for you?

Yes, I am being positive that you ALL can play better, but have you done your part? I keep improving, doing all these things to help you and teach you, have you all done what you have to do? The road goes both ways here. And parents, if you want your children to improve, you have to do your part as well. Have you set a regular time for your children to practice? Have you made sure your children practice the way they should be? Have you reminded your children they have to work hard, they have to want to play better themselves? If the person does not want to do better on his/her own, NO ONE can help. Even the teacher. Although teacher can help on this issue, parents are mostly responsible for shaping the children’s characters, teaching them to improve themselves.And parents are also responsible for demanding their children to do better. Teach them to demand themselves for better performance like I do. If a child always shies away from doing anything slightly difficult, then of course s/he would not want to learn anything new in piano playing. If a child is lazy in studying, of course s/he would not want to practice the piano. That is his/her CHARACTER!

Students, demand yourself to WANT TO PLAY BETTER. Demand yourself to be BRAVE and not afraid to make mistake. Demand yourself to FOCUS ON THE MUSIC, NOT YOURSELF. Demand yourself to WORK ON EVEN THE TINIEST DETAILS. Demand yourself to STRIVE FOR PERFECTION. I can guide you and teach you and encourage you, but don’t wait for me to tell you to do these things. THEY ARE THINGS THAT YOU HAVE TO DEMAND YOURSELF TO DO.

Students, don’t tell me you can’t do this or that, or it’s too hard. You do not know what is difficult or hard! Let me tell you what it is in the next post!

Girls, be brave and believe in yourselves! Don’t be shy! Boys, pay more attention to details and sound! Don’t get rough on the piano!

還有,聽我的說話去做,不要和我爭辯。What I have told you is the best way out, because I have been there, and I have tried out the best methods for you already. 若不想聽的話,找另外一個老師吧。I am getting too old for lengthy and non-constructive argument.


Teresa Wong

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