Annie Yeung & Teresa Wong: Beethoven’s Symphony V, Movement I (Version I)

[anti-rclick]July 20, 2011

Annie Yeung & Teresa Wong play Beethoven’s Symphony V, first movement. This is our first trial on videotaping, so still LOTS of improvements to be done with the performance.

[qt: 640 360]

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2 thoughts on “Annie Yeung & Teresa Wong: Beethoven’s Symphony V, Movement I (Version I)

  1. Of course, you are welcome, Annie ! I made all these new videos & article scheduled to be posted before I left so students and readers can view them when I was away.
    This is a very good way to learn, to view what we have done in lessons and how the playing has been, so that we can improve from there!

    Teresa Wong

  2. 一首充滿汗水的曲.. 雖然第一次試,但實在太興奮了~
    sorry miss wong, 我實在彈錯太多太多地方了… 再給我一點時間, 我會練好的!
    唔好錯咁多先… 再嘗試加快速度,多謝miss花咁多心機錄低比我地重温:*

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