The Most Neglected Basics In Students’ Playing

[anti-rclick]August 9, 2011

Pulse – Duration of Each Beat – Steady, Consistent, Regular, Even

Sound – Tone Quality (Focused, Bright, Harsh VS Blurry, Muddled, Weak), not just Tone Quantity (volume- Loud & Soft)

Rhythm – the Exact Relationship between Different Rhythms in One Beat, not just Faster or Slower

Touch – More than One Single Touch, Produced by Different Angles of Fingers to the Keys, Related to the Making of Various Sound

Hand Grip – Firmness of Hand / Palm and Fingers, not just Fingers alone.
(If you don’t have a firm hand grip/finger stand, you cannot apply arm movement/body weight into your playing)

Wrist – Supple, Relaxed, Elastic, not Tight, Fixed, Strained

Breathing – Breathe before the Opening of a Piece/Phrase/Section/Movement, and sometimes at Rests

Rests – Wait there! Always Observe Each of Them.

Pedal – Use It Sparingly! It’s not a Gas Pedal/Lifesaver.

Remember, even if you play ALL the notes correctly (in terms of the pitches), it is still not MUSIC without any other necessary elements, like those stated above.

Teresa Wong

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